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You Can Buy 4D Lotto Online Now through iBET

Many things in life can happen to us when we least expect it, such as a pandemic. It catches us by surprise and forces us to adapt to new habits.

To date, 4D lotto shops are closed. Buyers of the lottery tickets can no longer visit the shop daily to chase their financial freedom.

Luckily, we have online gaming platforms like iBET.

iBET has two 4D lotto game rooms, one of which is i4D. With i4D, we can continue buying the lottery tickets, but this time around, without being limited to the shop’s operation hours.

Buying 4D Lotto Online is Easy and Quick

Buying lottery tickets online is not as difficult as it seems. So, uncle and aunty, if you are reading this, no need to gan jeong, ok!

With i4D, you can conveniently buy the lottery tickets at any hour and wherever you are through your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

To login to i4D, you must first become an iBET member. Immediately after, you can log in to your account. At the top of the homepage, click LOTTERY/彩票乐透, and select i4D game room.

Adjust the transfer amount following your budget or deposit, and click PLAY NOW. Once you are in the game room, you can jump right into buying lottery tickets for your lucky numbers from:

  1. Magnum
  2. Da Ma Cai (PMP)
  3. Toto 4D
  4. Singapore Pools
  5. Sabah Lotto 88
  6. Sandakan Turf Club (4D STC)
  7. Sarawak CashSweep
  8. Grand Dragon Lotto (GD Lotto)

Get the 4D Result on the Same Day

Not only can you buy 4D lotto online, now, you can also get the 4D result on the same day!

Generally, 4D operators share the draw results on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. But if you buy your 4D lotto from Grand Dragon Lotto (GD Lotto), you can get the draw result every day.

The best part is, you can watch their draw result live on YouTube or Facebook at a fixed hour, 7 PM.

Announcing the draw result daily and doing so live keeps things very exciting. It makes lottery buyers look forward to 7 PM and keeps them on their toes as they watch the beautiful dealers unfold each digit slowly.

You can access Grand Dragon Lotto through i4D.

4D Lottery Playing Method i-Permutate ( IBOX )

4D lottery can be said to be the national game in Malaysia. iBET Online Casino would like to introduce you one of the popular methods of 4D lottery playing – i-Permutate ( IBOX )! You can get 24 combinations by spending just 1 dollar. A little affordable amount could bring you a big prize easily!

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How to Easily Online Betting Malaysia 4D of i-Permutate ( IBOX )

The differences between i-Permutate ( IBOX ) and Permutation ( Pusing ) are the betting amounts and odds. Supposed that the numbers you selected are 1, 2, 3, and 4 and play by i-Permutate ( IBOX ), then you’ll get 24 permutations of these four selected numbers by just RM 1. Yet the winning prize will only be one twenty-fourth of that of Permutation ( Pusing ) as illustrated below.

iBET Online Casino - 4D lottery i-Permutate ( IBOX ) play method-iBOX

 Live 4D Result Different Combinations of Number

The table below shows how many different combinations will be generated from your selected numbers under i-Permutate ( IBOX ). The winning prize will also vary according to the number of combinations.

iBET Online Casino - 4D lottery i-Permutate ( IBOX ) play method-Aermutation


The illustration of betting on i-Permutate ( IBOX ):

iBET Online Casino - 4D lottery i-Permutate ( IBOX ) play method-illustration

Switch up the Way You Play 4D Lotto

When you are buying 4D, try iBOX.

The iBOX betting type covers all permutations of a four-digit number, and the best part is that you can start with a minimum bet of RM1. You win when any one of the permutations matches one of the winning numbers.

The iBOX betting type is a fun and cheap way to increase your chances of winning. Each payout is different and depends on the number of permutations.

There are four types of iBOX betting:

  1. iBOX 24

All four digits are different, i.e., 1234, and there are 24 permutations.

  1. iBOX 12

Two of the four digits are the same, i.e., 1123, and there are 12 permutations.

  1. iBOX 6

Two pairs of the four digits are the same, i.e., 1221, with six permutations.

  1. iBOX 4

Three of the four digits are the same, i.e., 1112, with four permutations.


If the four-digit number you have is 0770, and you pick the iBOX 6 betting type, you will get six permutations, which are 0770, 7007, 0077, 7700, 0707, and 7070.

The prize structure for iBOX is as such:

  1. Big/ABC
  • First prize
  • Second prize
  • Third prize
  • Starter
  • Consolation Prize
  1. Small/A
  • First price
  • Second prize
  • Third prize

Choose Malaysia Lottery Online Platform to Get Big Bonus

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