Tips and Tricks to Create the Best 4D Combo and Make Sense of the Numbers

Tips and Tricks to Create the Best 4D Combo and Make Sense of the Numbers

Numerology in Chinese culture goes hand in hand with Feng Shui, if not just as significant. But Chinese numerology is based on I-ching and mystical traditions, as well as symbolism and a language play. Its central premise is that each number has a meaning and can be perceived as either good or bad.

As it essentially involves finding out lucky combinations that favour the person, Chinese numerology does this with wordplay and puns. For example, number 2 is fortunate because it sounds like the word ‘easy’. While three is associated with ‘life’, eight with ‘prosperity’, and nine with ‘longevity’ and ‘power’.

These numbers can also be put in combinations which will then form a greater meaning, frequently prized for their punning allusions to good luck and prosperity. With Cantonese being the dominant language in which these puns are expressed, the belief that certain numbers can attract good luck and fortune is taken very seriously.

Not only is it important for them to attract customers, but also out of personal beliefs. For example, in 1970, a businessman in Hong Kong paid more than $60,000 for a car license plate with the number six because the words six and longevity are the same basic word but differ in tone.

Learning About Lucky Numbers and Their Meanings

Number 2

As Chinese numerology would have it, pairs are auspicious, as they signify a double of something good. It is commonly seen during weddings where ‘double happiness’, 双喜 (shuāng xǐ) are hung on the property of wedding couplets. The same is done during the Lunar New Year, where people decorate their houses by hanging couplets on both sides of the doors.

number 2

Number 8

The number 8 is one of the most commonly known lucky numbers within Chinese cultures as the number of prosperity—its pronunciation is similar to the word that denotes prosperity.


Number 9

It is as lucky as the number 8, being the more obscure of the two. The number 9 is pronounced similarly to the word 久 (jiǔ), which signifies longevity and eternity. This symbolism is part of the reason why many people, especially lovers, tend to include this number in romantic gestures—being married on September 9th, offering a bouquet of 99 roses, etc.

During the lunar new year, the Chinese often use numbers that come in multiples of two, eight, or nine when offering red packets as gifts. As an ‘auspicious’ amount of money to give during the new year would sum such as 88, 99, 200, 888.


Creating Combinations with These Lucky Numbers

While there is no hard rule on how to make number combinations, the idea is that you would want to pair up lucky numbers with other lucky numbers to form something meaningful. And since we are talking about 4D Lotto numbers, they obviously must come in a combination of four.


In Mandarin, 一六八 (yī liù bā) is pronounced similarly to 一路发 (yī lù fā), which means to be prosperous all the way. Adding a seven—its pronunciation being similar to depart—would make the combination 7168 mean that you will experience success all the way the moment you make your first step.


A combination used to represent a couples’ love for each other, the pronunciation of 520, 五二零 (wǔ’èr líng) is similar to 吾爱你 (wú ài nǐ), which means ‘I love you’.

1314 & 3344

Representing a lifetime, the pronunciations of 1314 (yī sān yī sì) and 3344 (sān sān sì sì) are similar to 一生一世 (yī shēng yī shì) and 生生世世 (shēng sheng shì shì)—used to describe the ‘life of an entire person’. Many lovers use these numbers to express their unconditional and unchanging love for their significant other.

1366, 666 or 888

Each of these numbers respectively is seen as lucky numbers, especially when in the context of money—during the giving of money in a red envelope (ang pow) for a wedding or mainly during the Lunar New Year.

In essence, these three numbers are intended to represent a smooth life with negative hurdles, as these number combinations bring auspicious meanings with pronunciations similar to positive words.

  • 1366, 一三一六 (yī sān liù liù) sounds similar to一生流流 (yī shēng liú liú): all life flowing.
  • 666, 六六六 (liù liù liù)  sounds similar to流流流 (liú liú liú): ‘flow flow flow’.
  • 888,  八八八 (bā bā bā) sounds similar to 發發發(fā fā fā): ‘to prosper’.

Number Combinations are Subjective Art

While the luck and auspiciousness of numbers within Chinese culture have been categorised into various numbers and combinations, there are no hard rules on which number combinations are the best or which combinations are luckier than others.

It all boils down to what you are looking for in the number combination you create, whether you choose to incorporate smoothness and flow from the number six, the longevity of the number nine, or even both.

Number combinations are subjective art that depends on what the individual seeks the most from that combination. If you don’t have your own set of lucky numbers, you can refer to the above content, and look for manufacturers with the best 4D odds and 4D Dragon bets that can be bet online, and try to find the numbers you like! The excitement only the lottery can bring you!

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