The Pandemic Continues, But Will the 4D Lottery Industry?

There is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc upon many industries around the world, including the lottery industry. In Malaysia, various lottery companies such as Magnum 4D, TOTO, and DaMaCai have been forced to temporarily suspend their services, following the implementation of MCO (Movement Control Order).

The 15th of March was the last time draws were announced in Malaysia, with the 5th of April being the last time draws were announced in Singapore.

There Are Two Sides of the Same Coin

Although the outbreak has disrupted the 4D Malaysia industry, it doesn’t mean your dream to chase riches has to stop, though. Yes, you cannot visit your favorite lottery outlet at times like this, but you can always fall back to online lottery betting.

Which provider, you must be wondering? It is none other than the Grand Dragon Lottery, also known as 豪龙 (háo long), one of the online 4D Toto available in the iBET online gaming platform.

The Difference between Traditional and Online Lottery

You need to be careful when purchasing a physical lottery ticket, because, if it is lost and the ticket happens to be a winning one, there is no way you can claim the payout.

With GD Lottery, you don’t have to worry about misplacing the ticket, or physically approaching the seller to claim your payout. The lottery tickets that you have purchased will be stored as History in your account, and your prize money will automatically be transacted into your bank account. All in all, it is a safer and more convenient option.

Plus, not only can you enjoy the excitement and thrills of buying lottery from the comfort of your own home, but you can also keep yourself posted on the winning numbers by watching the live announcement of their 4D results via the website or YouTube channel.

The live draw takes place at 7 PM, daily.

Types of GD Lottery Games and Payouts

The lottery industry has taken a big blow. This is why the shift to being available online is imperative, so lottery business can continue their operation and keep players engaged, and to proceed to provide draws to them.

In GD Lottery, there are five types of games to choose from.

You can also take part in Bonus Jackpot, an exclusive bonus system available only in GD. The Jackpot is only applicable to 4D Big and 4D Small bets, and the minimum bet amount is RM 4.

The payout:

  1. 1st prize/Super Bonus – Payout + 100% jackpot pool
  2. 2nd prize/Big Bonus – Payout + 50% jackpot pool
  3. 3rd prize/Small Bonus – Payout + 30% jackpot pool

What Grand Dragon Lotto Can Offer You

GD Lotto is not only an online 4D Toto that strives to keep players entertained in these trying times but, we also aspire to keep our modus operandi transparent and safe, so you can keep your worry and relax while you #stayathome.

Convenience and Accessibility

As mentioned, whenever and wherever you are, it is so easy to keep yourself abreast of the results of our draws in real-time. Be it in the washroom, during lunch break, or lying in your bed in your pajamas, you are always up to date with the latest.

Safe and Reputable

Online lotteries can get a little sketchy sometimes, which is why we are driven and has made creating a safe environment for our users a priority. We encrypt our financial transactions via secure mechanisms, ensuring our users’ personal information is guarded at all times.


We believe that anonymity is what every user needs. With that in mind, we always ensure that our users’ activities are kept private.

Although the current pandemic has put many of us in a stressful state, we need to take our mind off things and relax. Take a breather with what the Malaysian casinos have to offer, including games like slots, sports, lottery, and live casino games.

iBET is here with the people in these trying times. Be safe and continue to attain your dreams with GD.

Lottery shops are not having draws? No worries, you can have a lucky draw at i4D instead, the latest online lottery betting platform created by iBET and GD Lotto. Or take a peek at 4D Malaysia – Lottery Movies You Might Not Want to Miss.

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