First Deposit gets Chance to win the Mazda MX-5

iBET launches a new first deposit of any amount, and gets FREE Lucky Draw Chance! Register iBET now and make a first deposit, you also have the opportunity to drive the biggest award Mazda MX-5 home!

First Deposit gets FREE Lucky Draw Chance to win the Mazda MX-5

Qualification Bonus Verification Application
First Deposit Member FREE x1 Lucky Draw Chance Mobile Number System automatically dispatches


First Deposit gets FREE Lucky Draw Chance Application Rules & Regulations

  1. This offer is limited to iBET First Deposit members. Each member can only apply once.
  2. After the member’s first deposit approved, a free lucky draw chance value of RM500 will be distributed before 18:00:00 on the next day.
  3. Once the personal information is completed and shall not be modified. Please be sure to fill in the accurate information.
  4. Newly registered members must fill in the correct personal information such as full name, mobile phone number and bank account. If the information is incorrect, the withdrawal will not be possible. iBET Online Entertainment reserves the right to freeze the relevant account earnings and balances.

《Lucky Draw Instructions》

  1. For PC version, click on the “Lucky Draw” button on the left side to enter.
  2. For Mobile version, click on the center of the homepage “Lucky Draw” icon to enter.



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